It is an ironical fact that periodically switching your companies is way faster for growing in your career than saying in the same company. The reason quite evidently is the reluctance on the part of employers to offer current employees higher salaries and better positions. The justification - "why should i pay the employee more for what he/she is already doing? I wont get 20% more work for a 20% hike will i?"

One can see the seductiveness of this view. But apart from the humane imperative of considering an employee's need for professional growth, it is also counterproductive to ignore it. If the employee feels that the have been on a flat growth curve, and the employment arrangement is skewed against them, they will leave at the earliest opportunity. They will also feel demotivated, and perform their work not out of a sense of ownership, but forced obligation. Especially in information work, which involves creativity, self motivation can make all the difference. 

Getting a new employee, and getting that new employee to the same level of productivity is a time consuming, costly, and indeed, risk ridden process, because the capabilities of a new employee are unknown. 

So, nurture your employees. 



09/22/2013 9:15pm

wishful thinking...that's not how the animal world operates....


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